Waste No Waste

We share space and ethos with Grain Surfboards NY.  One of our constant mantras in the shop is "waste no waste."  We reuse as much as we can, like blue tape and kraft paper, and recycle what can't be reused.  The fun comes in when we find new potential for what might be considered scrap.

Cut offs from veneers for skateboard decks have been made into beautiful block printed greeting cards and gift tags, bookmarks,  and long narrow strips woven into sculptural orbs for decoration (prettier than balloons and better for the coastal environment).

Cedar cut offs make great planks for grilling salmon and vegetables ~ and great host/ess gifts!

The cedar shavings from Grain Surfboards workshops have been used as bedding for chickens, garden mulch, packing material, and firestarter for beach bonfire festivities.

Some cut offs from furniture projects even become tail blocks for surfboards.

We are down to one bag of garbage a week for the shop~ but we know we can reduce more.

Please share your ideas, tips and experiences with reducing waste in the comments below!