Inspiration manifested

We have always been collectors of texture, color and form, pocketing treasures on daily hikes to bring into our home and studio for further contemplation.  My partner has a knack for finding heart shaped stones and interesting wood burls.  Our children, from the time they were walking, started their own "eclections" of lichen, periwinkles, seedpods and pebbles.  Eventually all of our horizontal spaces~ tables, countertops, windowsills, even the lip of the wainscoting~ were adorned with all of our gathered shells, stones, twigs, and pinecones.  

When our family moved from coastal Rhode Island to the east end of Long Island, we carried with us only our most cherished collection of stones and such~ amounting to nearly forty pounds!  Our new home has become just as full of nature's bounty and beauty; we are a house of sticks and stones.

As a family, we all love to build and create, inspired by the textures, shapes and colors we collect.  Wood, in particular, has a language of its own with its storied grain and live edge that speaks to us all.   My partner, Brian, has a gift of seeing a fine dining table in thick book matched slabs of walnut, an elegant mirror shaped with reclaimed wine barrel staves, and a surfboard in a pile of cedar.  Driftwood logs are corralled into forts and rafts and our boys whittle swords and wands with gemstone tips.  I make assemblages and mandalas from objects I collect as well as paintings of flora and fauna that remind me we are all part of this living, breathing life on earth.  Our aim is to create beautifully crafted furniture and art inspired by our reverence and love of nature~ and to encourage you to make some, too!   With this in heart and mind we present to you: Stick + Stone.


Aynsley, Brian, Eamon and James